Pharm Blue is a National Specialty Pharmacy with more than twelve years of history serving the needs of members. Their Mission is to provide specialty pharmacy services to individuals with chronic conditions taking multiple medications, and the clinicians who serve them. We serve thousands enrolled members throughout the country and fill all member pharmacy needs with a special focus on the needs of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and Behavioral Health members.


For years, the local community has turned to PharmBlue LLC and affiliates for its pharmacy needs. As pharmaceutical treatments and insurance have grown more complex, we have continued to enhance and expand our care support capabilities. As a privately owned, independent pharmacy, we recognize that our members are our neighbors too. Our team strives every day to exceed expectations. We do this because your local pharmacy should be more than just a business; it should be a trusted provider that the community can rely on for a wide array of health-related questions, concerns, and needs.

We offer many services now considered uncommon for a retail pharmacy. We offer free face-to-face consultations during normal business hours, phone consultations 24/7 any day, insurance experts, and a wide array of supplements and other over the counter items. We have state of the art systems and procedures designed to reduce the stress and uncertainty often felt by members and their physicians. By eliminating these issues, both the patient and physician can focus more on treatment and healing.

Specialty Pharmacy

We at PharmBlue believe that, when it comes to patients, a specialty pharmacy should live up to its “specialty” name. Specialty means much more than just prompt delivery of your medications; it signifies that our top priority is always on improving the health and well being of our patients. Our leadership team includes an a PhD with medical training, with a life long dedication to understanding human retro viruses. We understand the underlying health conditions of our patients as well as the medications and therapies needed, and act as a resource to patients and clinicians alike. We offer such services at our expense to ensure that the patient’s and care giver’s experience with us is best in class.

Our care team includes a Chief Medical Officer and highly qualified Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. We collaborate with clinicians to tailor our clinical treatment programs to match the challenging health conditions and complex drug therapies associated with specialty disease states. We continuously strive to improve our care and innovate new practices, and share “best practices” among the clients we serve. This approach applies to all the conditions we help treat, such as HCV, HIV/AIDS, Behavioral Health, and others.

Adherence Management

Many polymed members have difficulty taking medications on time every time. We can demonstrate very high levels of member compliance due to documented periodic communication with members, resulting in better clinical outcomes.


We are a major contract pharmacy in the 340B Drug Pricing Program. PharmBlue’s principal pharmacy and home delivery facility provides 340B Covered Entities, including Ryan White Clinics, FQHC’s and Specialty Hospitals, with contract pharmacy services for members that require specialized care and a high degree of coordination. We provide program performance reporting, audit-compliant dispense detail reporting, monthly refill reminders, 24/7 access to specialty-trained staff, custom packaging and compounding solutions, and customized and confidential delivery services, including delivery alerts, re-routing and alternative location deliveries. By becoming an extension of the Covered Entity’s clinical team, our Specialty Pharmacy allows Covered Entities clients to enhance care while capturing a new revenue stream.

Controlled RX Management

We provide a closed system of dispensing and monitoring utilization of pain and other controlled medications, to minimize the risk of diversion and maximize appropriate utilization.